Student clinic massage

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Don’t let the price fool you. Student Massage Therapist are more effective than many experienced therapists in the field due to the extent of hands-on training they receive and intensive student-instructor coaching. All student massage therapy sessions are part of the training program with Miami Dade College. Student therapists will conduct an interview prior to beginning your service.  Instructors are on hand to observe a portion of the interview process and to evaluate student performance during the session.  When they choose to demonstrate a technique or give feedback, they are mindful of your comfort. In Student Clinic, the classroom is sectioned off with curtains and dividers to provide each therapist and client with privacy. Soft music and soft lighting enhance the experience. Student appointments are very popular. Book early to ensure your space.


During the Swedish massage, student massage therapists fix achy backs with a variety of techniques. Swedish massages may improve bodily functioning by reducing chronic pain, stimulating the release of endorphins, promoting effective breathing, and prompting the elimination of toxins.


*Appointments are only available Monday 5:30p- 9p & Friday 5:30-7:30p

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